Backseat Bangers Video Feat. Kandi

Our slutty backseat bangers babe, Kandi was having not such a great day, until a hunky guy pulled over and invited her for a ride. It’s not exactly what she had in mind, but she’s an always craving for cock tart so getting her clothes off is not the most trying of tasks. The little tramp is blonde and gorgeous with her silky mane falling sensuously over her shoulders, has a fresh lithe body with long and supple legs that instantly gets everyone’s attention.

Her fun and playful smile on that cute face and her cheeky attitude, is a major turn on in the sack. As the camera starts to roll we have her and a hunk on the backseat of a car, wearing only her black lacy bra, all fun and giggling, revealing her true colors as she confesses she loves to be in total control in her lusty action. Our guy got the naughty hint, and he’s making her top disappear unleashing her perky little titts, and rolling his randy tongue all over her rosy nipples, getting the dirty little eager whore all horny and ready to go. She jumps on his hard meaty cock in no time, sliding that big boy all in and riding it wild into orgasm. If you’re looking for more backseatbangers videos like this, check out the Massage Parlor site! Enjoy!

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